"This course was unlike any other I have been on and it has been nothing short of transformational for me...
I am noticeably more confident and self-aware since I took part on the course and feel empowered to develop my career in a way that plays to my strengths and embraces change."
Dr Rachel Cavanagh,
British Antarctic Survey

Building leadership capacity in science-focused organisations

For many scientists and researchers, the step into a management role can be daunting. Academic brilliance and ability in the lab doesn’t always translate into comfort and competence in positions of leadership, with many new skills needing to be quickly mastered.

Whilst most scientists are great at getting to grips with the task-focused elements of management, the interpersonal aspects of the role can often be more of a challenge. Many struggle to step back from their own priorities in order to support others and to help coordinate their work.

These problems can be especially acute in STEM contexts, partly as a result of the kinds of personalities that are attracted to science, and partly because of the unique demands of research roles (see the evidence). But for any lab or project to fulfil its potential, excellent leadership is essential. 

Our STEM-specific training has a track-record of helping new and aspiring leaders to build the skills and confidence they need to translate impact in the lab into excellence as a leader. We can help you create the brilliant leadership that is vital to your future success.

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Top courses

STEM Leadership

Our flagship, multi-module STEM leadership programme provides comprehensive training for new and aspiring managers and leaders. Content adapted to meet your needs.

Team StrengthsFinder®

Using Gallup's validated psychometric tool, discover the strengths and working styles of your colleagues, improving collaboration and communications within your team.

Healthy lab cultures

An intensive workshop that provides team leaders with tools and techniques to help them steer their team's culture in ways that support morale, wellbeing and productivity.

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